scache_vunset, scache_vclear


long scache_vunset(resource session, string path)
long scache_vclear(resource session, string path)
long $SCacheConnection->vclear(string path)

scache_vuset deletes value from given path. Effectively result is same than scache_vsetting value to 0, thought scache_vunset actually removes path from tree.

scache_vclear is alias to scache_vunset to keep symmetry with class interface.


Session resource returned from scache_open, scache_reset or scache_connect
Slash (/) separated null-terminated path on backend's session tree

Return values

Path's' current value is returned on success, FALSE on failure.

In case of failure, error codes resolvable by scache_lasterr is one of below :

Generally you can ignore the returned value.



/* get connection */
$session = scache_reset('MyEasilyGuessableSecret');

/* value is */
scache_vset($session, 'my/path', 2);

/* and value doesn't */
scache_vunset($session, 'my/path');